Tuesday, August 24, 2010

South Actor Kajal Says "I'm NOt in Love with Him"

Though Karthi has said that his parents are in search of a suitable bride for him, there is news milling in the tinsel town that Kajal Agarwal who played a lead opposite Karthi in the latest film ‘Naan Mahan Alla’ is in love with him.

On reacting to this, Kajal said, “Karthi is a friendly person. During the shooting we use to chat jollily. We use to exchange our views in the shooting spots that how we should act in the next scene. Seeing this people thought that we were in love. There is no truth in the news. It is only a rumor. I am giving importance to Tamil and Telugu films. I am not in a hurry to act in Hindi films. I am concentrating in stories.

I accept the films where my role has importance. I have acted in three Tamil films. I am also learning Tamil now. I am acting in four Telugu films.”
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